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A dirty filter is a fairly common breakdown when using a car. This is true of both diesel cars and newer gasoline cars equipped with a catalytic converter or GPF filter. Driving in city mode can clog the filter after tens of thousands of kilometers.

The current common practice of removing filters (used by some garages) is an offense that results in the loss of the car’s approval and negative result of the vehicle’s technical inspection. Violation of exhaust emission standards can result in a heavy fine. For example, in Western countries the mandate is around 1000 euros.

Many services do not provide a regeneration service and suggest customers to buy a new filter or, worse, a substitute of dubious quality, which often does not meet the manufacturer’s factory parameters. On the other hand, the purchase of a new, original „DPF” costs, depending on the car model, from 4,000 to even 10,000,000 PLN. In the case of trucks, these amounts are many times higher. Used filters can be purchased for about PLN 1,500, but then we risk buying a mechanically damaged or inoperative element.

So what to do? The hydrodynamic method of regeneration that restores the factory parameters of the filter comes to the rescue. This type of service for passenger cars is an investment of PLN 400-600 depending on the degree of pollution. In the case of trucks, this amount definitely exceeds PLN 1,000. You should also remember about the additional costs of disassembly, assembly and service adaptation. The final cost of such a service is therefore in the range of PLN 1000-1500 for a „passenger car”.

The emphasis on environmental protection, stringent exhaust emission standards and high penalties for removing the DPF filter from the car make professional regeneration services more and more popular among customers. Having such a machine will significantly increase the revenues of the service center and directly increase its prestige and competitiveness.

What we do?

Our flagship product is the DPF Master Flash series devices for cleaning particulate filters in all passenger cars, construction and agricultural machines, which are successfully used in many services and diagnostic stations in Poland and around the world.

The portfolio is also enriched by high-pressure cabin washers in many variants of equipment and pressure sandblasters with an integrated dust collector. These devices are perfect for car workshops, diagnostic stations and services dealing with the regeneration of components and in industry.

The highest quality of devices, their functionality and reliability put them at the forefront of European leaders.


Our devices:

DPF Master Flash is the basic machine for filter regeneration. It enables their regeneration in passenger cars and delivery vans. This machine does not have a measuring system or an integrated drying system.

DPF Master Flash Professional is a filter regeneration chamber device with a built-in filter contamination measurement system and an integrated drying system. It is designed for passenger cars and vans.

DPF Master Flash Professional Plus is the flagship model in our offer made entirely of stainless steel. It allows the regeneration of DPF / FAP / GPF filters and catalysts in all types of vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles and construction machines. It has an integrated pollution measurement system, an extended filtration system and an integrated drying system at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. The device is made entirely of acid-resistant stainless steel.

DPF Heater Pro Plus is a system for drying DPF filters with a built-in filter contamination measurement based on the pressure difference (similar to a car). It is a perfect complement to the DPF Master Flash machine.

Master Cleaner MC850 is a cabin high pressure cleaner with a heated liquid tank made of stainless steel. It enables the removal of heavy dirt from steel, iron and aluminum without destroying the coating of the cleaned element. It is available in several equipment variants, e.g. with a rotating basket.

The Master Cleaner MC850Z is a twin model to the MC850, but has a retractable liquid container for easy cleaning.

Master Cleaner MC1000 – is an industrial device made of AISI 316 acid-proof stainless steel. It is perfect for cleaning steel, cast iron or aluminum elements, removing all kinds of contamination without interfering with the coating. For use in automotive and industry. The pressure washer has a thermally insulated liquid tank with a capacity of 90 liters.

The Master Cleaner MC1000Z is a twin model to the MC1000 but has a retractable liquid container for easy cleaning.

XTON Sand Blaster is a compact pressure sandblasting and beadblasting device with a unique filtration system and an integrated dust collector. Its main advantages are small dimensions and very quiet operation.


Who are we addressing our offer to?

Our offer is directed to car services, diagnostic stations and the broadly understood industry. Especially the DPF / FAP / GPF filter regeneration market and other car parts, such as turbochargers, steering gears, brake calipers or dual-mass wheels provide excellent business development opportunities. In this regard, we closely cooperate with the modern Zregeneruj.com platform. The products we offer increase the competitiveness of our business partners, generating them additional income.

Why is it worth working with us?

We are focused on development, we constantly enrich our knowledge and experience by participating in specialized training courses and trade fairs in Poland and Europe. The increasing recognition of the XTON brand means that our machines enjoy great popularity and are perceived as premium class devices.

We are a Polish manufacturer distinguished by innovation, quality and individual approach to the customer. We are able to create a dedicated machine „tailored to the customer” meeting his most demanding expectations.

We work with partners who are leaders in the industry, thus ensuring the highest quality and reliability of our products.

Who we are?

XTON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION is one of the European leaders in the industry. Since 2011, it has been gradually developing, gaining new markets and strengthening its position in the industrial automation sector in Poland and in the world. The team consists of young, well-educated and successful people for whom work is passion and pleasure.

Responding to the expectations and requirements of the automotive market, we design, build and sell devices, thanks to which car repair shops can rise to a higher level of operation and significantly increase their revenues.

Where can you find us?

Please visit our website www.xton-group.com to see the details of our offer and learn more about our company. We also encourage you to contact us directly or on-line. If you are interested in the highest quality, you want to develop your business and support Polish producers, XTON Automatyka Przemysłowa is the best choice!

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