Chip tuning and filter life

Chiptuning, i.e. increasing engine power by electronic interference in the computer system aimed at introducing changes, e.g. increasing the maximum speed, maximum engine speed or reducing the fuel dose.

Many vehicles have large reserves of power, which the manufacturer has intentionally (for financial or environmental reasons) limited. By electronic modification, they can be easily released, unfortunately this often comes at the expense of the durability of the engine and its accessories. The biggest problem for our vehicle are unprepared „professional tuning engineers” and vehicle owners who want to tweak their car quickly and cheaply, damaging the engine unit.

In this way, the fuel dose is increased, but the computer does not see how much it is actually feeding and performs a wrong calculation regarding the filling of the diesel particulate filter. Due to the adulterated data, the software is not able to estimate the oil deterioration from the contaminants absorbed by the DPF. The result is the lack of protection for the engine and accessories, which guarantees faster wear and breakdowns. Such modifications in a short time and with very little mileage will ruin the engine and the diesel particulate filter.

The salvation in this case would be to undo the changes and restore the factory condition of the vehicle.

If someone wants to increase the engine power by a dozen or so horsepower and improve the torque, the only safe option is a professional chiptuning treatment by a reputable mechanic. In summary, if we want to perform the so-called „Chipping” is done with caution and with a specialist.

Then we will be sure of a well-performed service.

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